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We help you to rejuvenate a sluggish computer with tips to turn your PC into a blisteringly fast sleek machine, its all very easy once you know the techniques the pros use, we take you by the hand and show you exactly how its done.

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PC Tips Questions and Answers
Great PC Tips, reviews and questions, contributed by visitors from around the world
How to Reinstall Windows
How to reinstall Windows - a definitive guide
Microsoft Windows 7 Editions
Microsoft Windows 7 Editions – A guide to choosing the best Windows 7 Version for you when performing a Windows 7 Upgrade
Windows Anytime Upgrade
Want to upgrade Windows 7 on your PC – with Windows Anytime Upgrade it’s a snip!
32 bit vs 64 bit
32 bit vs 64 bit – How to choose between these two versions of Microsoft Windows 7
Windows Easy Transfer
Windows Easy Transfer - Ultra easy, no fuss migration of files and data between your old and new PCs.
Reimage - Review, Customer Feedback and Free Scan
Slow PC? Want it back working just like new again? Then let Reimage come to the rescue!
Laptop Wireless Internet Access
Laptop Wireless Internet Access – quick easy options to allow you to connect up anywhere anytime.
Setting up home wireless network
Comprehensive guide to setting up home wireless network and sharing your internet connection, photos, music and videos etc.
Installing a wireless router
Discover how easy it is installing a wireless router to your home broadband connection and share internet access for all your PCs and laptops etc
Setting up a Wireless Router
Clear simple guide to setting up a wireless router for your home network allowing sharing of your internet broadband connection between all your PCs, laptops and other Wi-Fi devices.
Wireless Network Adapter Installation
All you need to know to install a wireless network adapter for your pc or laptop and join your home wireless network or connect to a wireless hotspot.
Wireless Network Adapter Setup
All you need to know when setting up a wireless network adapter for your pc or laptop to join your home wireless network or connect to a wireless hotspot.
Wireless Router Security
Discover how easy it is to set up and configure your wireless router security settings and secure your home wireless network preventing hackers from accessing your files and data and making sure no on
Wireless Booster
Add a wireless booster to your home wireless network and cure your wireless signal woes. Easily extend your wireless range by using a high gain antenna, repeater or wireless extender.
Home Network Attached Storage Device
Comprehensive guide to adding a Home Network Attached Storage device to your wired or wireless network together with help on choosing and setting up your NAS.
Build Your Own Computer
How to build a computer that you can be proud of! Yes, build your own computer tailored to your requirements.
Build a Home Theater PC
Build a Home Theater PC and create your very own Home Theatre Entertainment Center with all of your media in one place!
Build a gaming computer
How to build a gaming computer – create your very own full on upgradable gaming pc built to your specifications.
Video Editing PC – How to build, spec or purchase the perfect rig for you
How to build or buy your own Video Editing PC with performance tailored to fit your needs and pocket
How to Install a CPU – Guide to replacing a CPU, upgrade a CPU or installing a n
Comprehensive guide detailing how to install a CPU. Clear, simple instructions and pictures for replacing a CPU complete with pictures.
How to Install a Motherboard. A Guide to replacing a motherboard for upgrade or
Comprehensive guide to how to install a motherboard. Clear simple guide detailing how to replace a motherboard complete with pictures
How to install RAM / Memory inside your PC. The best upgrade you can give to boo
Step by step guide to how to install RAM in your PC. Easy to follow clear instructions complete with pictures
Installing a Graphics card Guide to How to Install a Graphics card
Comprehensive guide to installing a graphics card. Clear simple guide detailing how to install a graphics card complete with pictures.
Install new hard drive guide. Complete guide to installing a new IDE or SATA har
Comprehensive guide to how to install new hard drive. Clear simple guide describing how to install or replace hard drive complete with pictures.
Ide and sata drive install guide for all optical drives
Comprehensive optical ide and sata drive install guide. Installing dvd drive and blu ray drives
Replacing a Power Supply. Guide to PC Power Supply Installation
Comprehensive guide to replacing a power supply. Clear, simple guide to installing a pc power supply complete with pictures.
PC Buying Guide
PC Buying guide detailing suggested specifications for buying a ready made PC or for selecting the components to build your own whether for budget, mid range or high spec gaming PCs
Choosing a computer processor
A guide to choosing a computer processor
AMD Processors
Choosing your AMD processor
Intel processors
Choosing your Intel processor
Choosing the best motherboard for your PC
A guide to choosing the best motherboard for upgrading or building a new computer.
Choosing the Best Graphics Card
How to chose the best graphics card for you
Choosing the best power supply for a computer.
How to choose the best power supply for a computer. Comprehensive guide to selecting a new computer PSU or replacing a power supply for your computer.
Best Computer Case Selection, How to choose the best PC case for your new build
How to choose the best computer case! We tell you exactly what to look for whether it's a cheap computer case or gamercomputer cases you're after.
PC Memory
Choosing PC Memory for upgarde or new build
Replacing hard drive guide. How to choose the best hard drive for your PC
Replacing hard drive? How to choose the best hard drive for your computer with our comprehensive guide to buying hard drives
What is an optical drive? Internal optical drives, external optical drives, IDE
What is an optical drive? Internal optical drive, external optical drive, SATA optical drive, SATA DVD drive, Blu Ray Drive explained.
Choosing the best DVD burner for your PC. Internal and external optical dri
How to choose the best DVD burner for your computer. Comprehensive guide to selecting computer DVD drive.
Blu Ray burner and Blu Ray drive guide. What is Blu Ray and how to choose the be
Comprehensive Blu Ray drive and Blu Ray burner guide for your PC
Choosing the Best Computer Monitor
How to choose the best computer monitor – Comprehensive guide to choosing the best LCD computer monitor for your system.
How to Clean LCD Monitor
Simple tips for cleaning LCD monitor. How to clean LCD monitor without damaging or scratching your screen.
Dual Monitor Setup
Setting up dual monitors with a dual monitor video card is super easy. Dual monitor setup detailed in simple steps to get you up and running dual or multiple screens in no time at all.
LCD Monitor Problems
Guide to LCD monitor troubleshooting, diagnosing common LCD monitor problems and LCD repairs
Two Computers One Monitor – With a KVM 2 Port Switch, Yes You Can!
Two computers one monitor - How to share two computers with a single monitor, keyboard and mouse using a KVM monitor switch.
Wireless All In One Printers
Wireless All In One Printers – A comprehensive guide to choosing an All In One Wireless Printer.
Set Up Wireless Printer Sharing
Quick, easy steps to set up wireless printer sharing between your networked PCs, Laptops and Notebooks.
Troubleshooting Computer Problems
A definitive guide to Troubleshooting Computer Problems without losing your hair! PC won’t boot? Don’t worry just follow our easy steps to computer troubleshooting getting you up and running again in
Speed Up My PC
Speed up my PC, a definitive guide to speeding up your PC start up, accessing and running programs
Data Backup
Data Backup of Your Hard Drive Files and Folders
Overclocking CPUs
A Simple Guide to Overclocking CPUs
How to Upgrade Laptop Memory - Guide to installing and upgrading laptop RAM
A comprehensive guide detailing how to upgrade laptop memory. Clear, simple instructions complete with pictures for performing a laptop memory upgrade.
Laptop Hard Drive Upgrade – Guide to laptop Hard Drive Replacement
A comprehensive guide to laptop hard drive replacement. Clear, simple instructions complete with pictures detailing how to perform a laptop hard drive upgrade.
Upgrading Your Laptop Optical Drive – Guide to installing and upgrading your lap
A comprehensive guide detailing upgrading your laptop optical drive. Clear, simple instructions complete with pictures to upgrade your laptop optical drive.
How Does a Firewall Work?
What is a firewall? How does a firewall work? Discover all about firewalls in our definitive guide
Windows Firewall
Windows Firewall configuration made easy!
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