Best Computer Case Selection

How to Choose the Best PC Case for your new build

Choosing the best computer case for your new PC has never been easier with todays proliferation of good looking, high quality and highly functional PC cases.

Discover all you need to know to purchase the best PC case for your new build by using this comprehensive guide to PC case selection.

Obviously the best PC case for you may not be the same for everyone else.

For instance, do you want a quiet PC case, cheap PC case or maybe you are looking at gamer computer cases?

What about the size? Do you want a small and compact shuttle PC case for instance or maybe you need the space or expandability of a full tower PC case?

Then there is the color, no longer do we have to make do with boring beige boxes!

Today we have dark and purposeful black, brushed satin aluminium, heck we even have pink and purple computer cases!!!

Now, besides liking the look and style of your chosen case the most important factor you will need to consider is size.

You will need to have chosen or have in mind the size of your motherboard.

Also, will you have need of large gaming capable graphics cards, maybe configured in Crossfir or SLi mode.

Maybe you have a RAID configuration of hard disks which require multiple drive bays?

Most people will opt for a tower case and, if their need are as discussed above, probably a full tower PC case.

Mini, Mid and Full Tower Computer Cases

On offer are full tower cases, mid size and mini tower cases.

Full tower cases offer versatility but at the expense of an imposing tower of a case!

The ATX full tower case can have anywhere up to seven drive bays.

A mid tower case somewhere between three to five drive bays and a mini tower case two to three.

Typically, with a blu-ray drive say and maybe a second DVD drive, hard disk drive and possibly a floppy / media reader drive then your mid size tower case will be a good option for most people with soom room to spare.

Note that your hard drive and floppy / media reader drive will reside in the 3.5 inch drive bays and your blu-ray, DVD drive, CD drive etc will fit in the 5.25 inch drive bays.

Power Supply

You also need to consider whether or not to purchase a case with a power supply already fitted or whether you're needs, especially if you are after a gaming computer case, are above the standard offerings.

Most cases with pre-installed power supplies have units rated at 350 Watts to 450 Watts and if you are intending on running a high end graphics card, especially two or more in Crossfire or SLi mode, then you will almost certainly be looking for somenthing a little more powerful - say 650 Watt to 850 Watt and beyond.

Quiet Computer Case

If you are building a Media Center PC for instance then you will need to look at quiet computer cases.

These will require a specially designed quiet power supply and the use of quiet fans or large fans run at a slower speed by use of a fan controller for instance.

There are power supplies available that are specially designed to be quiet in operation and produce little or no audible noise but will generally not be overly powerful.

Cheap Computer Case

The pressed steel variety of computer case are generally the cheapest.

Even a cheap computer case these days can look smart and purposeful with USB and Audio ports available at the front panel for convenience.

Case Style

Brushed Aluminium cases like those available from Lian-Li are very light whilst remaining strong and looking very cool and sexy!

The best computer case style for you will be different for someone else.

Hunt around and you will have no difficulty finding lots on offer today. There will surely be one out there that makes you smile!


Ensure that your case has adequate cooling for your computing needs.

Crossfire / SLi graphics cards pump out enormous quantities of heat when under full load and you will want to ensure that your new case is well ventillated with large fans of 80mm to 120mm.

The best computer cases will come equiped with larger fans that are quieter and more efficient.

You will need at least two to cool a fully loaded beast of a PC, preferably three!

Gamer Computer Cases

Some people will want to show off their lovely gleaming PC and there are many good gamer computer cases out there that have see through sides and PC case lights to show off the innere workings and neat build of your PC.

The best computer case for gamers will probaly come from Antec, Coolermaster and Thermaltake. Look at Antec gamer cases, especially the Antec Ultimate Gamer Case.


Make sure the case you choose has enough room for expansion and is easy to access for maintenance and upgrade.

External ports for USB, Firewire and Audio available at the front panel or top of the case for easy access.

This makes it easier for attaching peripherals such as a camera or ipod etc without having to reach around the back of your PC amongst the maze of cables.

The best computer cases offer removable motherboard trays and tool free drive bay fitment so that you can fit your motherboard to the tray first for easier assembly and fit your optical and hard drives etc to the hard drive caddy without having to resort to a screwdriver and lost screws!

The Best PC Case Manufacturers?

Look out for the following for high quality computer cases available in all shapes and sizes.

The Antec computer case range offer good quality and choice, especially the Antec Ultimate Gamer Case!

Look also at Lian-Li, Coolermaster, Thermaltake and Zalman.

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