How to Clean LCD Monitor

How to clean LCD monitors?

You may think this is a pretty easy task and you would be right but without taking a few simple precautions you can do an awful lot of damage to that lovely flat screen computer monitor of yours!

LCD computer monitors are not quite as robust as the old CRT type glass fronted monitors.

To obtain a clean LCD screen without scratching, smearing or damaging the screen or the delicate pixel matrix array requires a little bit of extra care and effort.

When cleaning LCD monitor screens follow the simple steps listed below to obtain a fresh looking smear free display in minutes.

First a few precautions…

Cleaning a LCD Monitor

How to Clean LCD Monitors – Precautions

  • Avoid strong cleaning products such as acetone, alcohol, chlorine and any other corrosive chemicals that may damage, abrade or yellow your LCD monitor screen.

  • Avoid using tissue paper, paper towels, or rough cloths etc that will scratch your screen.

  • Do not cover the screen in liquids that could run down the inside of the screen and into the monitor and cause damage.

  • Do not rub the surface of your monitors screen too vigorously, the screen of your LCD monitor is very sensitive to being rubbed and prodded and there is no glass protection layer to protect it.

  • Avoid using ordinary tap water as it contains chlorine and salts and will leave a residue on your screen.

How to Clean LCD Monitors – Cleaning

  • Turn off your monitor and remove the power cable before proceeding to clean the screen and case. A dark monitor screen will be much easier to clean as the areas of dust, grease and smudge marks show up better.

  • Before cleaning remove the dust and any pet hair build up by using a soft dry lint free cloth or microfiber cleaning cloth and very gently remove from the screen. Do not press hard, push, prod or rub excessively against the screen surface.

  • Now dampen the cloth with some special LCD flat screen cleaner, distilled water or a 50/50 mixture of distilled water and isopropyl alcohol (do not use tap water as it leaves deposits and residue).

  • Make sure to spray the cleaner onto your cloth first and not directly onto the monitor screen.

  • Gently wipe the screen with the moistened cloth in a circular motion and do not leave any liquid on the screen surface.

  • Note that you can purchase cans of anti-static compressed air that is great for removing the dust build up on your screen prior to cleaning and the anti-static properties helps reduce repeat buildup.

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