Reimage Review

The problem - Is this how it is for you with your PC?

What can Reimage do for you? Let's look at the problem a little first.

Has your PC become slow and annoying?

Are you worried that it may be infected with malware etc.?

Need it fixed in a hurry but don’t know who to turn to and aren’t confident to do it yourself?

It’s a common problem for all PC owners. That once fast responsive PC of yours has become intolerably slow, you’re not sure what to do to fix your machine, and you don’t fancy going through a complete reinstall of Windows, your programs and all of your files and data!

There are lots of registry cleaners, anti-spyware and Windows repair tools on offer out there but it’s difficult for a PC owner to know which ones really do work for troubleshooting computer problems and even if they do, it’s not always just one program that you need but a whole arsenal of these tools!

Even then quite often your PC still doesn’t feel quite as it should – it still doesn’t have that ‘just like new’ feel to it.

Maybe your PC is not only too slow but there are a ton of pop-ups cropping up all over the place and "hey, I’m no PC whizz", you cry, "I need help here! Can somebody help me speed up my PC?"

Does your PC freeze inexplicably – your mouse or keyboard become unresponsive and you have to reboot to gain control?

Perhaps a particular program causes your PC to lock-up or crash for no obvious reason?

Or your PC crashes with the BSOD ‘blue screen of death’ error window.

It could be your PC just reboots for no obvious reason without any warning or message telling you why?

How about giving Reimage a try?

What is Reimage?

The Reimage repair tool is something very different to anything else on offer out there as far as PC repair software goes.

It actually scans through your computer searching for all of the Windows files and checking them to see if they are corrupted or missing and if so replacing them with the correct Microsoft files without affecting any of your own files and data.

Watch a demo video of this awesome program repairing a bug ridden Windows PC rife with pop-ups.

This program really is the ‘Bees Knees’ and there are now over 1 million computers worldwide (and counting) that have been fixed with this amazing software.

Not only that but it works with Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP.

Reimage works online and scans your PC remotely diagnosing and repairing Windows problems and replacing your damaged or missing files from its own master set of Windows files.

Now generally a clean install of Windows has been the preferred route when your PC gets too slow and annoying but this is without a doubt a pretty time consuming process involving backing up all of your files and data, (mind you, you should already be doing this! – if you’re not then visit our data backup page for guidance on this) time consuming reinstallation of your Windows operating system, and then to top it all, your programs, applications, drivers and email etc.

Reimage PC repair does not require you to do any of this – effectively you get a new installation without any of the hassle!

  • No registry cleaning and system optimisation
  • No wondering if you have a Virus, Trojan or Malware
  • No starting from scratch with a blank hard drive
  • No searching for drivers, installation CDs, passwords and recovery keys
  • No trying to determine which processes that are running under ‘Task Manager’ are good and which are bad

Yes, one download, a few clicks and off it goes to work fixing your PC, making it ‘just like new again’.

Click below to visit their website and start by using the free scan to check for problem areas.


Download Reimage And Run A Free Scan Here

Customer Reviews

Reimage, Does it work?

Still unsure as to whether or not this is the program for you?

Need a little more information to help you decide?

You can find links below to actual Reimage user customer reviews and also to our step by step walkthrough of this repair software fixing one of our own desktop PCs.

Check out some Reimage Customer Reviews here.

Have a look at this page if you'd like to see Reimage in action - you'll see screenshots of this awesome software scanning and then repairing one of our own desktop PCs running Windows 7 Home Premium.

How easy is it to use?

Now, some of you are probably wondering if Reimage is easy to use.

Most definitely, couldn’t be simpler – just visit their website for details of how easy it really is.

And don’t worry if your PC won’t even boot up completely – they also have a tool you can download which can be used to create a bootable CD that will then allow your PC to boot up and connect online direct to their website so that it can still work its magic.

This really is an ‘all-in-one’ repair tool that can put your PC back to as new detecting and ridding you of adware, spyware, Trojans, malware, pop-ups etc. and repairing all of the damaged Windows files these malicious programs have left behind.

Reimage also offers a ‘30 day’ money back guarantee so what have you got to lose?

Scan your PC now and discover how classy this software really is and why more and more PC techs are using this as their ‘magic bullet’ to get customers PCs up and running ‘good as new’ again in record time.

If you do decide to give it a try, don’t forget to let us know how you get on.

And Finally

Now there are a number of things you can do yourself very simply to try and keep your PC running ‘as new’ again – visit our Speed Up My PC page for help and guidance here to keep your PC running in tip top condition.

Make sure that you stop loading your PC with unnecessary ‘trial’ programs and poorly written freeware/shareware that clutters up your PC with redundant DLL files, icons, shortcuts and registry additions.

Get one good anti-virus / internet security product and make sure it’s set up to perform a regular full system scan and continuous monitoring of your PC, email and browsing activities.

Oh yes and make sure that you never install more than one anti-virus application, it just doesn’t work properly when you do that.


Download Reimage And Run A Free Scan Here

So, once again, these are the main benefits you will obtain by using Reimage to repair your ailing PC.

  • Full 'reset' of your Windows operating system
  • Removal of all viruses, Trojans, spyware etc
  • Repair of damage caused by these malicious programs
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Support>

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