Wireless All In One Printers

Wireless All In One Printers – Introduction

Wireless All In One Printers are a brilliant development of the basic printer offering not only a ‘one stop shop’ for all your printing, photocopying and scanning needs but with the added bonus of Wi-Fi, cable free, connection to your home wireless network!

For a home office, bedroom, student or anyone who is short of space a Wireless Multifunction Printer is a great addition covering all your home or office scanning, printing and copying functions all in one neat ‘stand-alone’ package that can be accessed directly by anyone on your wireless network.

Comprising a high resolution full color scanner and high quality color photo printer these beauties have become extremely popular very quickly.

Sat out on the porch browsing with your laptop? No need to send your document to your main PC for printing via an attached printer or to even have any other PC on to be able to print.

Wireless Multifunction Printer

Your wireless printer will be available to all for instant printing – all you need is to have the printer set on standby.

Some Wireless All In One Printers offer other features such as the ability to scan in 35mm negatives and slides!

Printing and scanning of documents, color maps, glossy photos of your favorite pictures, the Wireless All In One Printer has to cope with a lot of different uses so it has to be extremely versatile whilst still producing crisp clear printed documents along with glossy, deep, rich full color photos – not an easy task!

The secret lies with the ink and it is here that the development of the technology has come on leaps and bounds.

Wireless All In One Printers – Choosing

A good quality All In One Wireless Printer can be obtained quite cheaply – a lot less than you may think – but it’s worth taking some time here to do a little research into what’s available and whether it will suit the way you will be using it.

With any multifunction device some models are going to perform better for a particular task than others.

Before selecting a model you will need to consider what your main requirements will be.

For instance, will you be printing lots of glossy photos and images?

Or will you mainly be printing text type documents?

Is speed of prime importance to you or are you more concerned about the quality of the printing and/or photo quality?

Other considerations would be the running cost of your chosen printer – how much does a new set of ink cartridges cost and how often do they need replacing.

You’ll need to look at some user reviews to see what experiences people have had – look for user comments on Google or check out some of the reviews given by customers at some of the online stores like Amazon, Newegg or TigerDirect for instance.

As always it’s worth spending just a little more if you can for a model with a good name for reliability and quality.

Most of the Wireless Multifunction Printers use the inkjet cartridge technology.Inkjet technology fires tiny droplets of ink onto the printer paper to produce your text, photo or image and can produce some very high quality results at a reasonably low cost.

Ink is stored in separate cartridges, usually comprising a set of red, yellow and blue plus a separate black cartridge for crisp clear text printing.

Some models have more than four separate cartridges to increase the quality and color range of photo prints.

Now, bear in mind that a complete replacement set of cartridges for some models can cost nearly as much as you paid for your printer in the first place, so beware!

The running costs of any printer, whether wireless, laser, multifunction or not can be pretty high and requires careful consideration for most folks.

Wireless All In One Printers – Memory Card Reader

Many Wireless All In One Printers have the facility to plug your cameras memory card directly into the printer for speed and convenience – no having to download your photos to a PC first – handy for casual printing.

Print images directly from memory media cards totally removing the need to power up or connect your wireless multifunction printer to a PC or laptop!

Check for this feature which will be described as a ‘Multi-Format Memory Card Reader’ allowing you to browse through your images, select and print out directly without the need for PC or camera.

Your Wireless Multifunction Printer will come with an LCD screen enabling you to select various features such as copy type, color or monochrome, scanning and printing out photos without the need to access via a PC over the network.

Wireless All In One Printers – Sheet Feeder

If you want to be able to load up and copy multiple sheets at one time look for a Wireless Multifunction Printer that has a built-in sheet feeder on top of the lid.

Check that the paper feeder and paper tray can cope with the amount of sheets of paper that you are likely to want to copy at any one time.

Wireless All In One Printers – Which Technology?

As mentioned earlier, most multifunction printers of the cheaper variety are based on Inkjet technology but if you are prepared to spend a lot more there are some multifunction laser printers available but these are larger by comparison and will take up a more space in a home or home office environment.

So, there are basically two main types of printer on the market today – Inkjet and Laser.

By far the most popular for home use are the Inkjet variety due to their low initial cost and the sheer number of them on offer today.

This type of printer – as suggested by the name – uses a tiny nozzle to fire variable sized tiny drops of ink onto the printer paper using several nozzles, one for each ink color.

The inkjet sprays a minute dot of ink onto the paper and a character or image is made up of multiples of these tiny dots grouped together. The more dots the higher the quality of the print – this is measured and specified as DPI (Dots Per Inch) and a greater DPI figure indicates a higher image quality.

Now, although the Inkjet type of printer is cheap to buy the replacement ink cartridges are not! And they also don’t tend to last very long either!

So, cheap to buy, expensive to run!

What about the Laser Printer types?

Well, they are a little more expensive to purchase in the first place but use a different technology which requires consumables to be replaced far less often than the inkjet.

Laser Multifunction Printer

Laser Printers use toner powder rather than ink.

The powder is contained inside a rotating drum which has an electric charge applied to it, attracting the toner particles.

The positive electric charge is reversed as a sheet of paper moves through the printer and across the drum and the toner powder is then attracted to the paper.

A heated roller then melts this powder onto the paper producing the resultant image.

Eventually the toner cartridge will run out and require replacing but nowhere near as often as the Inkjet printer cartridges require replacing!

Another factor in favor of laser printers is their inherent print speed – much faster than the inkjet types.

Laser printers however, for a good quality type will cost you a lot more.

For home users, typically the Inkjet variety will win out in the end.

Wireless All In One Printers – Conclusion

So there we have it, for the ultimate all in one print, scan copy, fax experience together with wireless free operation you’ll want to purchase one of these Wireless All In One Printers.

Experience the freedom of Wi-Fi from anywhere in or around your home at a cost well below what you might imagine.

Share fast wireless printing between all of your home network PCs, laptops and notebooks.

View and select then copy photos and documents using the built in LCD screen.

No unsightly wires running around your home and cluttering up your desktop.

Print photos without even needing to boot up your PC or Laptop – print directly form your cameras memory card using an inbuilt memory card reader.

Some HP models incorporate HP iPrint Photo even allowing you to print pictures directly from your iPhone!

Some people may find the thought of setting up a wireless printer a little daunting but with just a modicum of knowledge regarding wireless networks, which you can get from this website, you will be up and running in no time at all.

Once setup you will have the freedom to print wirelessly from anywhere in your home.

To be able to set up your Wireless All In One Printer to share with all PCs and Laptops in your household you will obviously need to have a wireless network set up based around a wireless router.

Wi-Fi printing is fast and you should be able to get a range of up to 300 feet depending upon such factors as walls and other objects between your device and wireless router.

Of course with all of these functions available in a single device the quality isn’t likely to be up to that of a similarly priced dedicated device but for most home or small office users a Wireless Multifunction Printer is a fantastic space saving solution with good all round performance.

Canon, Brother, Epson and HP are in our opinion the top manufacturers that you should be considering when choosing a Wireless All In One Printer.

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